Earthly Time Management
6 Unique Techniques for Christians
Angels do not have endless task lists. They have no daily planner tucked
under one of their wings reminding them of what they must accomplish.
With eternity at their disposal time management is of no concern.

On Earth things are different. We are faced with deadlines, closing
times, schedules, task lists and ticking clocks. Sometimes are tasks seem
insurmountable which only adds to the stress of a cycle of sunrises and
sunsets. Yet God did not create the beauty of the sun's rising each
morning or loveliness of a sunset to be ignored while we toil and stress
with a hopelessness unaccomplished goals.

"Earthly Time Management" is designed to help us understand God's
creation of time and how we can maximize our minutes, hours, days,
months and years without the stress of carrying incomplete tasks from
today's "to do" list onto tomorrow's.
Rick Weaver introduces six unique
techniques he has developed over the years in order to increase personal
productivity and satisfaction. With a blend of bible references and
real-life examples he explains each technique in a practical, easy to
implement manner. Learn about "
One Touch", "Shutter Clutter", "Work
Avoidance", "Constructive Laziness", "Five Minute Fridays" and "The
Power of 3" and how they apply in your life.

Also included in the book is a section on how you can put off
procrastination, a procrastination pledge, time management commitment,
appendix of Bible verses about time and much more. Stop ending your
days wondering where the time went and begin looking in the mirror
each night satisfied with your accomplishments.
by Rick Weaver
© 2014 by Rick Weaver and