Rick Weaver  accepted Christ as his personal Savior in 1983. However
challenges managing time did not go away as he strove to live his life
for Christ.

He worked hard to make the best of the time the Lord had given him
and now shares these techniques with others so they may achieve
more for the Kingdom of God.

In addition to his study of time, he is an accomplished business
executive with a wealth of experience in retail, manufacturing and
construction. His resume includes business successes in the United
States, Canada, Djibouti, Germany, Guam, Puerto Rico, Qatar, and
Viet Nam using his God-given skills for market analysis, supply chain
enhancement, project management, team building, and process

"Earthly Time Management" is Rick's second book. His first work,
Life's Leadership Lessons", was a collection of 53 leadership lessons
based on his personal experiences throughout his career.  He has also
written "
Laughing to Leadership",
About the author
Earthly Time Management
6 Unique Techniques for Christians
by Rick Weaver
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